Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean

SmartStrand Forever Clean from Mohawk

SmartStrand Forever Clean from Mohawk is a super tough, easy to clean carpet. SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets have built-in stain protection and a nanotechnology spill shield. Also, any SmartStrand carpet that you buy today is now SmartStrand Forever Clean.

Mohawk first introduced SmartStrand in 2005. SmartStrand carpets have the built-in stain resistance and they are made from a neweable resource. After SmartStrand, Mohawk created SmartStrand Silk carpets which are incredibly soft and have the same durability of the SmartStrand carpets.

SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets offer a high level of beauty, comfort, and performance. It is a great carpet for homes with kids and pets. The new Nanoloc spill protection technology makes for a quick and easy cleanup. This carpet has a permanent built-in stain and soil protection, which will not wear off or wash off. SmartStrand Forever Clean's level of durability helps preserve the style, beauty, and appearance of the carpet. This carpet is soft to the touch, and it is made from renewable and sustainable carpet fibers.In addition, this carpet is engineered to resist matting and crushing.

What is SmartStrand?

SmartStrand has built in Stain and Soil Resistance

SmartStrands' Durability

SmartStrand Nanoloc

SmartStrand Forever Clean has Nanoloc, which is an advanced nanotechnology that completely encapsulates the SmartStrand fiber to create a spill and soil barrier. The Nanoloc spill shield consists of ultra-fine nano particles that bond together on a molecular level to encapsulate the fiber with a spill and soil shield, which helps made the SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet easy to clean. In other words, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets do not hold onto dirt.

The built-in stain protection prevents spills from locking into the fiber core and becoming a stain. SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets do not have dye sites for spills to adhere. Also, these carpets have a core stain resistance that is built into the fiber instead of just being applied onto the top of the fiber, so the stain resistance protection will not wash off.

SmartStrand Forever Clean is also made with renewable plant-based materials, which help minimize the usage of limited natural resources. These carpets are made with Dupont Sorona polymer, which is OEKO-TEX certified. If a carpet is OEKO-TEX certified, it means that the carpet fiber is not made with any harmful substances.

SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets are super tough, easy to clean, and they will look beautiful in your home. There are many SmartStrand carpets from Mohawk to choose from, and all of them are now made with the SmartStrand Forever Clean fiber.

Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean Carpets in our Showroom.